Books and movies

I don’t go to the movies often, but I do read a lot.  Someone asked me to write reviews of the books.  That’s what this page is for.

But honestly, read them for yourself.


6/26/2012:  The Spinoza Problem.  I now want to go back and read Spinoza.  That’s the power of this book.

6/28/12: Unquiet Bones  A novel approach to a medieval murder mystery.  Surgery, forensics and some vanity.  Not a bad summer read.

6/28/12: No-Mow Yards I took this book out of the library hoping to learn more about replacing turf grass with other plants that can bear traffic, need little care, and don’t need to be mowed.  I learned some of that, but it really opened my eyes to how many of us have replaced some or all of our yards with herbaceous and woody plants.  Those broad vistas of carefully trimmed turf grass may be things of the past, especially with climate change upon us.  However, none of that eliminates weeding.  More’s the pity.


6/25/2012 – Men in Black 3.  OK, this isn’t intended to be intellectually stimulating, and it’s not.  I don’t go to movies to become enlightened, I go to be distracted.  All I ask of a movie — well, it’s a list — is that it entertain, have a relatively happy ending, and no glaring plot problems.  MIB3 met those criteria.  It didn’t exceed the limited criteria on any level, but it didn’t make me annoyed, either.  If you want to spend the time, it’s OK.

6/30/2012 – My spouse tells me that air conditioning is so common, no one goes to the movies anymore just to cool off.  That’s a shame.  We cooled off this afternoon with Moonrise Kingdom.  I’m still thinking about it.  If I could, I’d make this a cult favorite.  Go, whether or not you remember the 60s.

10/27/2012 – We heard the stories about how difficult Cloud Atlas would be to follow.  But for us, the structure made sense and we were – more or less – able to follow the narrative and the timeline.  But pay attention to the actors – it’s the same faces over and over, with different makeup.

And decide for yourself whether it’s about changing the past to change the future.  I haven’t read the book.


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