Watery Words and turns of phrase*

I’ve waded through the murky depths of policy

Drowning in a morass of unfulfilled goals,

Caught in the undertow of choices

Made before I stepped foot in these muddy waters.

Swimming upstream, I find myself sinking

Into the sloughs of despair,

Or ennui,

Or confusion, with too much information

Flow and too little understanding.

I’ve been swamped with data.

Small numbers and large float before me

When I close my eyes, each complex

Formula a small wave caught in the

Cross-current of calculation.

I do not travel along this river

Of hurt for myself, but then

I do, as I dig through muck looking

For enlightenment.

I have been inundated, flooded

With the interrelationships between

Water and sand and soil,

Beached on the shoals, lifted

Off by a larger sea, and left

Here, hopefully floating like


I seek both shore and sandy bottom.

I do not write this turgid text

In jest. I write in vein.

*After reading one too many books and papers on storm water management.

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