Food Therapy

It’s another cold day, and one where I have too much rolling around in my head, and too much to get done. Time for some food therapy.

Others might consider baking something sweet, or just eating something sweet or salty while they tried to get things done. But I tend to take a long view of food and cooking.

I went to Sparrow Meat Market on Friday, after leaving a meeting. They were selling soup bones – $1 a pound or so. So I came home with 10 pounds of beef stock bones, and promptly froze half of them. This morning I roasted about 5 pounds of bones with some onions and carrots and a little olive oil. Now that the roasting is finished, I’ve placed them in a pot with herbs, spices (pepper corns and cloves!), potatoes and parsnips. And the contents of a bottle of Edmund Fitzgerald porter. Time for beef stock.

I have some stew meat that I cut up and froze a month ago, too. By 6 pm tonight, I’ll have a hearty beef stew with dumplings, using this homemade broth. And I’ll freeze the unused portion of the broth, from some other day.

Between now and then, as the food cooks slowly and perfumes the house – and heats it, too, for that matter – I’ll get some of my writing done, and some of my thinking dealt with.

If only all days were cold, sunny Sundays.

Out my window I am watching the woodpeckers thank us – by being here, in the woods – for not trying to eliminate all the old wood, the wood that hosts beetles and grubs. Red bellied and pileated woodpeckers brighten the day.

So does getting all that writing and thinking done.

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