When the temperature drops

I’m not asking for much, and neither are the plants.  But when the temperature drops, I have my list of work to get done.

My favorite iris bed has to be dug and divided.  This started as one iris, but has become many.  I love the violet blue small-flowered old iris.  In May, it’s sweet scent perfumes the air for feet, not inches away.  And the small flower stands tall and proud no matter how damaging the weather might be.

Other iris have stems that simply weren’t bred to hold the heavy flowers.  They flop and fall, drooping across the sidewalk and, if there’s too much rain, leaving their roots exposed and purple stains everywhere.  But this iris holds up to heat, insects and neglect.

Unfortunately, it’s become so compacted that this year I didn’t have the bloom I anticipated.  July is perfect for dividing.  But not when the sun is so dominant.

I have some new ground cover to plant — a tiny carnation and blue star creeper.  I plan to completely weed the roses and get these planted where they can blend in with the no-mow lawn.  Both have long bloom periods and should out-compete the weed seeds.  At least, a little.

During the next few days, if the world works properly, I would like to finish weeding the huge perennial beds and spread a bit of the mulch that I bought from the City.  But major construction projects are over for the season.

If Sunday is only 85 (!) then I might be able to make this work.  Monday and Tuesday mornings look even better.  My last task will be to move some of my new (old) iris into the refreshed iris bed.  I have one week to get the garden ready for company.

Because there’s so little standing water, I’m not concerned about mosquitoes.  (The fish in the pond seem to be doing their job.)  Then all that’s left is to scrub the garden furniture clean, set the table, have a party.  Now, there’s something I’ll look forward to!

(The party is for Obama, who won’t be coming.  Too bad for him.)

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One Response to When the temperature drops

  1. sbriere says:

    I lied in my prediction. $1 perennials caught me at the market this morning; I came home with a Red Hot Poker and another lavender. More to plant, more to weed.

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