Heard at the Market


Peaches?  In June?  Who has peaches?

I hear the apple crop has been basically destroyed.

First corn of the season – but $1 an ear?  I guess the days of 10 cent corn come at the end of the season.

The deer eat all the broccoli and peppers.  They’ve taken all the lily flowers.  I’m ready for venison.

It’s my last week here for a while.  I’m off all of July.

There are so few cherries!  So how did XXX (vendor) get them?

The tomatoes look almost real, but they don’t smell that good.

6 quarts of raspberries, please.  Time to make jam.

I can’t believe they have asparagus!  It still looks tender.

I guess it’s too early for melons.

Look at the size of those zucchini!  They look like lethal weapons.

Fava beans?  And you can eat the shells?

Do you know how to fix haricot verts?  Did you see shallots?

Look, gramma!  Beets!  I love beets.  And radishes.  Let’s get some!

It’s harvest season, although it’s a bit early.  I hope you get out there and enjoy.

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