Advice to the candidate, Part 2

Playing down in the weeds, it’s easy to forget what running for and serving in office is all about.

It’s not about you.

All those prospective voters and constituents aren’t interested in you.  They are interested in living their lives, doing their thing, and not having to think about you.  They want you to represent their interests, be available to them, and solve their problems.

So it’s about them – the constituents, the members of our community.  It’s not about you.

The votes received aren’t about you, either.  They are about your ability to position yourself so the voters believe you will represent their interests, solve their problems, and be available to them, if they ever want to contact you.

Win or lose, the vote isn’t a referendum on whether you are a good person, adequately intelligent and moral.  It doesn’t mean that you are trusted on a personal level.  But it is about whether you can be trusted to work for the folks who elect you.

Primary election day is coming.  Between now and then, here’s your mantra:

This isn’t about me.  If I lose, it’s not a personal rejection by my friends.  If I win, it’s not a license to do what I want.  It isn’t about me.  It’s about the people and our community.

Say this out loud before you go door to door, have an editorial meeting, attend a debate, go to a party.  Repeat it until you believe it.

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2 Responses to Advice to the candidate, Part 2

  1. John Briere says:

    and try to remember the same thing in day to day life about other stuff too.

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