Stuff I have no time for


  • Gossip (tell me who said it, or go away)
  • Political innuendo
  • Conspiracy theories (been there, done that)
  • Shunning (that where you pretend I’m not there)
  • Inconsistent issues (don’t tell me that people should move to Ann Arbor instead of using mass transit to get to work, and then tell me that I shouldn’t approve more new housing units)
  • Irrelevant issues (got an issue with federal law?  either it has a local implication, or it doesn’t – so show me the local implication or it’s not a local issue)
  • Using the data to support your position, rather than basing your position on a clear reading of the data — coupled with using your brains. 
  • Claiming credit for something you didn’t affect
  • Blaming someone who doesn’t deserve it
  • Failing to check your facts

Got some of your own?

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